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This Little Dinosaur

written by Coral Byers

illustrated by Alberta Torres

published by Macmillan Children's Books, UK May 2022

ISBN 978-1529084757

Follow ten little dinosaurs as they dress up, explore and more in this fun preschool counting book based on the classic nursery rhyme This Little Piggy.

This little dinosaur stamps and stomps
This little dinosaur swoops and soars . . .




It's dress-up time! In their colourful costumes ten excited children become noisy, roaring dinosaurs and an ordinary preschool classroom becomes a fantastical prehistorical world where anything is possible! Go along with the little dinosaurs as they stomp, swoop and roar before running all the way home !

With ten children to find and count as you turn the pages, loads to spot along the way, and a special surprise fold-out ending, this picture book is specially developed for imaginative little preschool dinosaurs everywhere. There is a bonus section at the end with reading tips for parents and carers, giving ideas for discussion and extra things for children to spot.

This Little Dinosaur is a riotous read-aloud preschool adventure - come and join in the fun!

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