I'm Alberta,

I am an Italian illustrator, currently based in London, UK.


My mum tells me I have been drawing since the age of 18 months...

As a child I used to prefer sitting on my own, drawing with chalk pastels on the floor of the playground, rather than playing ball games.

Nature and animals feature in most of my drawings - my love for them comes from my childhood summers spent in the beautiful mountains of South Tyrol, among cows and marmots and Haflinger ponies, and fir tree woods (where I used to build little tree bark houses for spiders!). 

With my art, I wish to inspire young minds to use their imagination and creativity to initiate change and innovation,

and to live in harmony with the planet and each other.

I have degrees in Art and Theatre Studies and in Motion Design, and I have studied illustration with Svjetlan Junakovic,

Carll Cneut and Claire Alexander.

In my spare time I love traveling, running in the park, and baking bread and focaccia.


For publishing enquiries please contact Clare Wallace at Darley Anderson Children's Book Agency:


For everything else email me at albertatorresillustration@gmail.com


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